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 Together with LeadingAge State Associations, and federal and state organizations, we are constantly curating reliable resources for the entire continuum of care. Please visit this page regularly for up-to-date information and know that we are here to support you.

COVID-19 Toolkits 

This series of toolkits, developed with Pathway Health, will be available exclusively to members of LeadingAge Oregon. The toolkits include implementation checklists, training guides, and much more.

Toolkit #1 - Testing
This toolkit has 12 sections focusing on testing policies, learning and leader's guide, competencies, pre and post-testing, outbreak investigations, swabbing collection, and billing.

Click Here to download the complete testing toolkit.

Toolkit #2 - Vaccination
This set of tools are designed to assist leaders in preparing for the COVID-19 Vaccination process.  The tools include a Leadership Implementation Checklist which will guide leaders through specific topics for consideration when planning for the COVID-19 vaccination process as well as two training tools with speaker notes, to be used by your organization – providing vaccination overview and specific guidance needed. These tools are based upon current guidance and will be updated as the vaccination process continues to evolve.  

Click Here to download the complete vaccination toolkit.

Toolkit #3 - Universal Source Control Physical Distancing

Click Here to download the complete universal source control toolkit.

Toolkit #4 - Activities Reopening
This toolkit is grounded in infection control and staff competencies to help prepare. Included in the toolkit are policies, checklists and a training plan.

Click Here to download the complete activities reopening toolkit.